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Our Process

There are essentially 3 stages to the asbestos removal process.  Asbestos Free Whistler is here to take care of this process for you using the proper techniques. 

A) Provide a Hazardous Materials Survey completed by a person acceptable to WorkSafeBC to test the materials prior to renovations and identify the scope of work.

B) Safely remove hazardous materials in compliance with WorkSafeBC work procedures.

C) Supply an “Air Clearance” test for re-occupancy prior to rebuilding.


Many homeowners are unaware they have asbestos in their house until they become involved in a home renovation project where testing is required for building permits.  This can be stressful, especially when dealing with an older home where asbestos may be hiding.

Asbestos Free Whistler has a trained team with the specialized equipment, knowledge and protective gear to safely remove the asbestos containing materials, including:

  • Creating a risk assessment and work procedures specific to your home and building
  • Filing a Notice of Project with WorkSafeBC prior to work starting
  • Setting up containment areas to prevent cross contamination
  • Safe removal of the materials
  • Properly packaging the materials for disposal
  • Disposal with a licensed hazardous materials transporter
  • Cleaning and encapsulating the exposed surfaces to contain any remaining loose fibres.
  • The option of providing an air quality clearance test before re-occupancy